Vacancy :HR Staff, Exim Staff, Sr. Merchandiser, Chief Finishing dan PPIC

We are a company engaged in the field of Garment export orientation, located at Pekayon area (Jl. Raya Bogor) Bekasi Indonesia, require some employees with the position as follows:

1. HR Staff (2 persons)
2. Exim Staff (2 persons)
3. Senior Mechandiser (2 people)
4. Chief Finishing (1 person)
5. PPIC (1 person)

With the following requirements:
1. Experienced in their respective fields.
2. Understand rules for EXIM bonded zone.
3. Understand the world Garment Merchandiser 
    for EXIM-Finishing-Chief-PPIC.
4. Speak English, especially Merchandiser-PPIC.
5. Ordinary working under high pressure job.
6. Can work in team or his own well.

For those who are interested can send an email to : and
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