ASEAN Merchandiser Training and Certification

After the ASEAN Common Competency Certification Program (ACCP) for Merchandiser Level 2 in Jakarta on 12 March. AFTEX Indonesia / API will again arrange for professional assessment and certification Merchandiser Level 2 on May 7, 2011 09:00 to 12:00 at the Office APIs, Lt.16 Building Surveyor Indonesia, Jakarta.

Prior to this certification program, the Indonesian Textile Concultancy Centre (ITCC) as an initiation AFTEX Indonesia in the field of consultancy and training programs, will host a 2 day training program with modules: Product Development, Fast Fashion, Product Preparation, Production Planning, Production Follow Up, Problem Settlement and Social Compliance.

The initiative was undertaken as a precaution in the face of world free trade in 2015 that will force every industry improve its competitiveness. One of the crucial efforts to increase competitiveness is of course improving the quality of human resources for the textile and garment industry as a motor for the progress of the industry itself.

Within this context, the Merchandiser encouraged to certified as an admission that the competence of ASEAN regional meet today's standards. Certificates issued by AFTEX and recognized all the ASEAN countries so that companies no longer have the same assessment for the employees and prospective employees.

For registration and further information please contact
Mr Asep Setiaharja in API at (021) 527 2171 or email:
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