Job Graphic Design - Jakarta

We are one of the leading groceries ladies fashion in Indonesia. We are looking for a : 


  • To be creative 
  • An eye for colour, texture and pattern 
  • Planning and developing ranges; 
  • The ability to visualise things in three dimensions 
  • To be able to draw, either by hand or on the computer 
  • Good communication skills to explain their ideas clearly and persuasively 
  • The ability to meet deadlines and work within a budget 
  • To keep ahead of trends in colour, fabric and style 
  • Strong organisational skills. 

It helps to have an interest in : 
  • Art and design. 
  • Working with others in the design team, such as head store and forecasters, to develop products to meet a brief; 
  • Sourcing, selecting and buying fabrics, trims, fastenings and embellishments; 
  • Adapting existing designs for mass production; 
  • Overseeing production; 

Qualifications : 
  • Attention to detail, creativity, organization, artistic ability, imagination and good design sense are necessary skills. Light, color, texture and sometimes movement must be used effectively. Working knowledge of current marketing tools and techniques is critical. 

Other Requirement : 
  • Male or Female 
  • 20-35 years old 
  • Graduated Diploma 
  • Experience 1-3 years as Graphic Design 
  • Single 
  • Familiar and could work at least with Microsoft Office , 
  • Must able to use Photoshop, Freehand, etc. 
  • Must able to edit photos, design and advertising. 
  • Must be able to complete work, have good people skills, and must be self confident and willing to learn • Must have a cheerful, friendly, professional demeanor 
  • Must be highly organized and able to handle a large volume of product 
 If you are confident that you fit our requirement, please send CV, resume and other related application forms wit subject : 
graphic design 

Jln. Jembatan besi 4 no.1-3 
Jakarat barat 11320
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